Life as a designer.

So it’s the middle of May and I’m almost at the end of my third month as an Industrial Designer at North Product Design. Here’s how the experience has been so far.

Getting the opportunity to work at a design consultancy, where you can be designing a varying range of exciting, challenging and innovative products on a day to day basis, was something that I strive to achieve. Taking the leap to move to a new city to pursue a career that I’m passionate about was daunting for me, but I can safely say now that after almost 3 months at my new job, it was a decision that I’m glad I had the guts to make.

These first few months have been filled with exciting opportunities and plenty of chances to learn new skills with the team. The varying array of projects has kept me on my toes. One day i’ll be soldering together prototype circuits, and the next i’ll be creating graphics for brochures used in product packaging. I’ve got stuck in with projects, getting the chance to show my ideas with pen and paper, get hands on creating prototypes and 3D prints, making 3D models for manufacture, meeting and presenting to clients and a whole lot more. Shifting from project to project, working on product graphics in the morning and wiring up a circuit in the afternoon, is a constant at NPD, and is something that I really enjoy about the job.

Having a creative and passionate team around me at NPD has been really positive. Being able to bounce ideas off other creatives and get feedback on designs really helps me develop my processes. Learning, shadowing and being mentored by the other designers has given me valuable insight and experience which is helping me develop in all areas of the job. The team, including the office dogs, have welcomed me into the studio and made the usual nervousness of starting a new job, disappear.

I’ve been lucky to get hands on with most projects, creating prototypes and even life-size working prototypes. Chances to go on site visits and trips to meet clients have proven valuable and given me the opportunity to practice client relations and an excuse to venture out of the studio environment for some Manchester air. Being new to the city also proved a great way to bond with the NPD team, venturing out for food at lunchtimes, taking the office dogs on walks, and going on hunts into town for supplies for projects.

I’m really looking forward to what the future will hold at NPD with all the exciting and innovative projects that we are currently working on.

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