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Thoughts and insights from the North Product Design team.

Product Design

Product Design during a National Emergency

It’s week 3 into a National Emergency with COVID-19, we have been taking some time to adjust, but also contemplating what this might mean for the future of product design.

Product Design

How to reduce product costs and increase profits

Last week I had a discussion with a client about increasing their profitability without constantly generating new product solutions each year.

Product Design

Making a stand for sustainable design

I previously wrote an article about some of the ‘less bad’ sustainable design practices that companies can explore when transitioning into a more ethical approach to creating products. As designers and engineers we have the potential to make a difference and we are making our stand.

Product Design

The value of a prototype

We are lucky to work with exciting new start ups and established brands and one thing we have learnt over the years is that the most critical aspect of the development process is prototyping.

Product Design

Sustainable Product Design – weight saving

The future of sustainable product design is in our hands

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