Sustainable Design

Making a stand for sustainable design.

12th October 2018

I previously wrote an article about some of the ‘less bad’ sustainable design practices that companies can explore when transitioning into a more ethical approach to creating products. As designers […]

Life as a product designer

Life as a designer.

16th May 2018

So it’s the middle of May and I’m almost at the end of my third month as an Industrial Designer at North Product Design. Here’s how the experience has been […]

The Value of a Prototype

The value of a prototype.

1st May 2018

We are lucky to work with exciting new start ups and established brands and one thing we have learnt over the years is that the most critical aspect of the […]

Sustainable Product Design – weight saving.

19th April 2018

The future of sustainable product design is in our hands This three part series will look at how you can integrate sustainable product design principles into your product development and […]

Why target costs are essential.

9th April 2018

There is a certain romance involved in designing and creating something new. However the anticipation of success and potential rewards can be addictive and often clouds rational thinking during the […]

James Howlett joins the team.

1st March 2018

We’re really excited to welcome James Howlett to North Product Design and so that you could get to know him a little better we have asked him a few questions […]

A few thoughts on sustainable product design.

5th February 2018

A few weeks ago an episode of the blue planet aired on TV, featuring the damaging effects of ocean plastic and the dicipline of sustainable product design has been put […]

New Product Launch – Zock!.

29th November 2017

The Zock metatarsal injury protector is the latest NPD product to be launched, soon it will be ready to buy online, but how did we go from an idea to […]

An interview with Robert Malkin.

30th June 2017

In the second instalment of our interview series we hear from Robert Malkin, New Product Design Manager for Martech UK ltd. Robert has worked in the field of Luminaire design […]

Natalie Frattasi joins the team.

18th June 2017

We’re really excited to welcome Natalie Frattasi to North Product Design and so that you could get to know her a little better we have asked her a few questions […]

China supply chain vs New startups.

8th April 2017

As I write this I am returning from what has turned out to be my most challenging trip to China since I first started to go there over 10 years […]

A year of Design.

26th March 2017

We are a few months into 2017 and we have definitely hit the ground running. Design and entrepreneurship looks to be high on the North West’s agenda and we are […]

Design sketch modelling.

26th March 2017

The last decade has seen huge improvements in rapid prototyping, particularly 3D printing. costs have also reduced massively, not just on the material side but the machines themselves and are […]

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