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Represent your brand.

The branding of a product is paramount to its success, you could have a brilliant product but if the branding falls short, the success rate can be significantly reduced. It is very important to represent your brand values and have a consistent approach, the best way to do this is by having strong brand guidelines. Our team can assist in creating these for you, whether you need a logo creating or are struggling with a typeface or colour, we are here to help with all your graphics needs.  We are a product design agency in Manchester and work with companies on graphics and branding in the North West and across the UK.

Communicate through your brand.

Consumers will have strong feelings about your brand and when launching a new product you must take these into account.  A brand is a way of communication and provides the consumer with an impression of what the product will be like, prior to them even using it.  Successful brands understand the link between perception and reality.

We can help you describe your brand through literature, graphical elements, key features and have a strong background in consumer packaging too.

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