Better for you, better for your car.

The first of its kind.

Our client noticed a potential gap in the market to produce a high end car air diffuser with some unique added health benefits.

Infuse uses the power of natural essential oils along with a combination of engineering and design to supply you with regular bursts of aroma inside your car.

Each scent is also infused with Frankincense, an essential oil that has been scientifically proven to have a wide variety of health benefits.

Built to last.

Infuse doesn’t just look good,  machined from aluminium for that added quality feel, the infuse will last a lifetime.  We chose anodised finishes for both its longevity and luxury, available in 3 colours, Black, Silver or Rose Gold.
The very sleek, elegant style, has been designed purposely to work only when you need it too. The detailed cutouts promote air flow as the infuse swings from your rear view mirror, the natural movement from the car gives continuous burst of scent for upto 2 weeks.

What the client said.

” From discussing my concept at our first meeting over a coffee to scuttling around putting final bits together just before the launch date, 12 months of travelling, experimenting, lots of meetings and a few more coffees.
It’s been a fun journey learning about all the different aspects of creating a product from scratch.
The best thing about this journey is learning and realising I’ve picked the right team to work with and I look forward to the future with NPD. The journey has just begun.”

Arif Ahmed

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