Off grid power stations.

The need for power.

In an ever changing world where energy is essential, but not guaranteed, solutions that provide instant power are critical to ensure that healthcare, industry and communications can run without interruption.
Our first collaboration with MSP is a modular, hybrid power station, designed to work in harsh, remote areas.

Built to adapt.

The energy density of the unit is up to 4 times higher than competing products and multiple units can be linked together to increase the amount of energy available. The units can be charged via solar panels that are either roof or ground mounted  and a diesel generator can also be included in the package if required.
The structure is made from glass reinforced plastic which also serves to insulate the interior components whilst providing an air tight, sealed chamber to prevent dust and water from damaging the complex electronics.

What the client said.

“NPD brought the whole project together, acting as a link between the engineering and electronic developers. The product looks great and functions better than we expected.  It has been a pleasure to work with NPD and we are already working on our second project with them.”

Simon Patterson

  • Animations
  • LUUX
  • Raspberry Pi
  • SOS Station
  • Yuchooze
  • Zock

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