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Reisser create the worlds best wood screws and are proudly known for the quality of the product they produce, known for their durability, consistent performance and advanced features.

When tasked with designing the next generation of packaging, it was essential to impart the brand’s identity and ethos into the various components, whilst keeping the screws secure.  We also put a big focus on improving the user experience by incorporating some useful measuring guides onto the box lid.  

Designed for optimum performance.

The reisser screw box has some unique features that make it stand out from the  rest. Firstly it’s distinct styling, the use of the brown reisser colour immediately reflects the brand, the harsh contouring truly emulates a durable ‘mean’ looking box, one that isn’t afraid of a knock or two.

A lot of detail has been incorporated into the lid to aid user experience and interaction. Length and diameter measuring tools have been included allowing the user to easily measure the size of their screws. So whether they want to compare an old screw to an existing one, or simply check the size before use, they can do so easily and effectively.

The live hinge element of the lid remains open when accessing the screws, the large front clasp can be pinched to open and snaps closed for a secure lock.
The lid also incorporates a large carry handle, creating a more compact and functional box that can be easily stacked.

What the client said.

When Reisser were looking to refresh our already successful screwtub, we engaged with NPD to bring our ideas to reality.

Right from the start NPD embraced our philosophy and core values and delivered a design that was right up to date but respected and upheld our brand heritage and reputation.

Working with the NPD team was a pleasure, and the work they produced was of the highest quality and presented in an accessible and detailed way. The depth and breadth of their research and creativity led the whole project to new and exciting levels.  The quality of their ideas coupled with their manufacturing and technical knowledge made NPD an ideal choice for us and we will definitely be using them again.

Patrick Meades, Director

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