Yuchooze wrist bands

Yuchooze wrist bands.

Sustainable Soap on the go.

Yuchooze uses soap capsules instead of liquid soap to cut down on the use of plastic packaging.  Each capsule is inserted into the strap that wraps around the user’s hand when washing.  As the capsule combines shampoo, soap and conditioner in one small package, there is no need for multiple separate bottles
Yuchooze bands
Yuchooze pink wrist band

Simple and effective.

The bands come in 3 different sizes to account for varying wrist and hand sizes with a range of colours to suit varying tastes.  Silicone was selected as the band material to allow it to stretch and flex during use without breaking.
  • Animations
  • LUUX
  • Raspberry Pi
  • SOS Station
  • Yuchooze
  • Zock

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