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The importance of a prototype.

Throughout the project it is important to prototype your idea to give you the confidence that the right decisions have made around user experience and suitability for manufacture.  We are adept at prototype design, producing high quality, cost effective prototypes which allow you to test the product with end users, gain investment and build confidence with stakeholders. Making a prototype of your idea also allows you to make any necessary changes before committing to mass manufacture costs.  North Product Design are a leading UK prototyping company based in Manchester, designing and engineering prototypes for a wide range of customers.

Prototype Design Company

We advise you to prototype as often as feasibly possible, however not every product will need the same level of detail. We offer in house 3D printing facilities for small simple parts, and we also have in house CNC machining capabilities. In some cases, specific products may require a higher level of prototyping accuracy to produce production representative products for testing or marketing, we have strong links with specialist companies that have the capability to produce these complex items both in the UK and abroad.  If you are looking for a prototyping company, talk to us today.

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