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The health and safety station.

The SOS Station is a collaboration between North Product Design and EC Groundworks, who spotted that there was a huge opportunity to provide a single solution for on site health and safety equipment. The brief was to create a flat packed unit that could be adapted and customised to store items such as fire extinguishers, eye wash units and even an air horn so that the unit caters for all scenarios in which safety is a priority

The product is fully recyclable and is constructed of HDPE panels, cut with a high power CNC router. It will replace existing wooden products, reducing maintenance costs over the lifetime of the product as the HDPE will not rot.

The unit can be assembled in less than 30 minutes using simple tools and features all the necessary safety equipment needed for large warehouses, construction sites and areas of heavy groundwork. Various combinations of products can be fitted to the back board and customised to each user’s requirements.

It’s environmentally friendly too.

A critical part of the brief was that we worked closely with manufacturers and suppliers from the North West to reduce the carbon footprint of the product. As the product is constructed of HDPE it is 100% recyclable and the modular design allows broken or damaged components to be interchanged without replacing the entire product.

It was important that we kept the product’s weight to a minimum to ease transport and movement around a construction site. To further help with this our designers split the SOS Station into two large sub assemblies that can be bolted together and quickly disassembled if required without the need for tools.

Since the product’s release, EC Groundworks have secured a number of large orders and are in advanced discussions with a number of National businesses to roll out the SOS Station across the U.K.

What the client said.

“We have worked with North Product Design on developing our SOS Station and can’t recommend North Product Design enough. They are an extremely professional company who will go the extra mile to ensure you’re more than happy with the end product.

We have already begun working on our next Product Design development with North Product Design.”

SOS Stations

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