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Medical Product Design

Metatarsal injury protector.

Zock is a wearable, discreet, shock absorbing boot insert, specifically designed to reduce accumulative damage to the metatarsal bones in the foot. Zock can be cut with the help of a guide line for smaller feet if required and is also reversible. Use both A and B side to target specific probem areas on either the left or right foot. Our brief included the complete design and development of the Zock itself, as well as the packaging and manufacture setup with our partner factory.

It’s all about the material.

We worked alongside leading experts in the field of biomechanics and sports science to ensure the product was fit for purpose and tailored towards the needs of the end user. A specialised polymer was also selected due to its shock absorbing properties and flexibiltity which allows it to conform to the user’s foot for the best fit.

What the client said.

“I have worked in collaboration with North product for almost two years. The company is a phenomenal one helping with all aspects of the product starting from initial design right upto the launch process. North product design give you regular updates regarding your product and are very helpful and friendly. A true pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to everyone. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them and look forward to do doing more business in the future.”
Shiraz Javeed
Zock CEO

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